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AMRAP AirIt Charts

Posted by christinejane on May 18, 2016 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (2786)

If you follow my Facebook page or my Twitter feed you'll no doubt have seen me jumping up and down about being in the AMRAP community radio charts.


My song 'In This Night' has finally made it into the system (after some technical difficulties) and has been in the top ten for three weeks!


The song is from my record H E A D M I L E S and is currently #3 in the regional community radio chart. It bounced up today from #4 last week after debuting at #9 the week prior. I was stoked that it even made it into the top ten, let alone rising to #3! What a feeling!


The charts are written up each week over at The Music Network.


AMRAP stands for 'Australian Music Radio Airplay Project' and is a federally funded online service that allows artists to connect with radio broadcasters all around the country for free. It's a fantastic initiative and one that I hope stays around for a very long time. Unfortunately, the Turnbull government has just delivered a budget that could scrap initiatives like these and threaten to take community radio down altogether. If you have a moment, I urge you to read about what's happening and sign the petition here. Community radio is the life blood of many remote communities around Australia and gives learning opportunities to young and old from all walks of life. I'm passionate about supporting community radio just have they have been about supporting unsigned artists like me. I hope you can take a minute to get involved and hopefully be part of a thriving network for many years to come.

If you've yet to see the music video for IN THIS NIGHT, click the image above to view on YouTube. It was crafted lovingly over the past year all around NSW.

Feel free to give it a thumbs up, add to your favourites or share with your mates. Every little bit helps!

After supporting at my album launch, the lovely boys of ECHO DEER have asked me to sing a song in tribute to that cantankerous old bastard BOB DYLAN. He's turning 75 and as a special treat they're putting on a free tribute with some of Newtown's finest at The Union Hotel on King St.


Come along for your Sunday bevvy and a few folky tunes on Sunday May 29th. But be warned: these boys know what they're doing. They make seriously good music and they ain't afraid to harmonise. RSVP here.

THERE ARE HEAPS OF GIGS COMING UP......May and June dates are on the 'Upcoming gigs' page of this book the dates in your diary and come and say hi!!!!

With love....Christine Jane Xx

Hiding / Shining

Posted by christinejane on February 19, 2016 at 8:30 AM Comments comments (1)

Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of an album?

Follow this link to find out what went into making H E A D M I L E S.

HIDING/ SHINING is a music video and a documentary rolled into one. It takes me back to the amazing times we had putting this record together over the past two years. It's also another way of thanking you for coming along for the ride. 

H E A D M I L E S is available for purchase at Bandcamp.

While I'm writing, if you missed the interview I did with Chris Taylor on ABC 702 arvos on Wed 30th December, pop on over to my SoundCloud page to take a listen.

More soon.

Cj x

IN THIS NIGHT ~ music video

Posted by christinejane on November 8, 2015 at 7:35 AM Comments comments (0)


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The music video for 'In This Night' is now online.


'In This Night' is the single from my new album H E A D M I L E S which is out now, produced by Josh Schuberth.


The clip was filmed over many months this year around NSW with my amazing cinematographer Justin Causer behind the lens. We had many an adventure in far away places like Dangar Island on the Hawkesbury River, Bombo on the South Coast, the country roads of Camden and Catherine Fields (can you spot the abandoned theme park of my childhood dreams about half way through?!), Budgewoi Lake on the Central Coast, and Gore Cove on Sydney Harbour. So much fun. It was cut by Marcus Arruzza. I cannot thank these two lovely humans for giving their time and going above and beyond to piece my vision together.


Click here to watch!


When you do you'll see hoop dancing by the divine Jordan Clarke (who also happens to be my designer- that's right you can thank her for the stunning album cover and booklet, and of course my logo eternal. Her website is here)...and my dear friends Ling Ng (who also happens to be my keys player) Nicholas Rabier, and Danny Sebes keeping me company by the fire. Thank you to those sweethearts for being a part of this epic and magical undertaking.

And finally thanks to Richard Feyn at Sydney Brewery for supplying us with delicious cider and beer on the night we shot the bonfire scenes. We got a sneak peek at their new ginger agave cider which is available now- it is amazing!


Please like, leave comments (I'd love to read your review!) and share the video as much as you can. If you prefer YouTube you can subscribe to my channel and watch it there. I'll have more video content coming soon!

Big love,

Christine Jane Xx

Out in the big wide world

Posted by christinejane on October 26, 2015 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (1)

 H E A D M I L E S

 is here 

My first full length record was released on October 10th and I'm so proud it's finally here. Mother and baby are doing well and we've had messages and calls from around the world, not too mention the flowers! (Seriously, the house is full of flowers).

The launch at Knox St Bar was amazing- we played to a packed house of friendly faces, many of whom had funded the record into being. It was such a great feeling playing the songs to those who had waited the longest to hear them. The support acts were awesome - check out Bek Sarkoezy and Echo Deer if you missed them. Photos from the night above & below are by Priya Puri. You can also see her behind the scenes shots from the album cover shoot on her website here. The full album of photos from the launch is on Facebook here.

The album is now available on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Amazon and most online stores. CDs can be found in TITLE stores in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, and I'm working on getting them stocked further afield. Bandcamp is where you can order physical CDs which can be shipped to you, wherever you are. (Order now for Christmas y'all!)



Dangar Island gig ~ Saturday 7th November



Come for a day trip to the beautiful Hawkesbury River and have lunch with me at the bowlo on Dangar Island!

I'll be playing a free gig with my guitarist Vernon Zamora outside under the pagoda. We'll also be screening the video clip for 'In This Night' inside the club to show off some of the stunning scenery we captured on Dangar during filming.


You can have lunch at the bowlo (which is like a house with a big veranda) in a gorgeous clearing in the middle of the island (a short stroll from the wharf) or feel free to bring a picnic and sit in the surrounding park. There's play equipment for the kids, and a beach on the other side of the island which is an easy walk.


Details on the bowling club and how to get to Dangar Island are here. We'll play around lunch time.


RSVP via the Facebook event here.


Christine Jane T-shirts are finally here!

Click here to order your limited edition t-shirt through Bandcamp. Don't forget to upload a photo of you in yours to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (links below), using the #christinejane hashtag. (These would make excellent Xmas gifts along with my CDs...hint hint.....!)

I hope to see you soon....

Love Christine Jane xo


Posted by christinejane on September 18, 2015 at 8:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Here it is folks!

My new album H E A D M I L E S will be out on October 10th 2015.

To hear how the album was named and a few other things Paul Gough had to say about the album when he previewed it on ABC Radio National's The Inside Sleeve ( the BEST music radio show in Australia!!!), check out the September 3rd podcast here and zoom to about 20mins in.

You can pre-order the CD or a digital copy from Bandcamp. Both versions will come a stunning booklet designed by Jordan Clarke with photos by Ona Janzen.

If you're in Sydney I hope you can join me for the launch ~ Saturday October 10th from 8pm at Knox St Bar, Chippendale ~ to buy tickets and RSVP click here.

I'm so excited to be sharing my debut full length record with you. Producer Josh Schuberth and I put our hearts and souls in to every song and we can't wait for you to hear it.

With much love,

Christine Jane xo

PS- If you are one of the awesome humans who came on the crowd-funding adventure with me and pre-ordered the album via Pozible, you will receive a personal email from me in coming days with your advance download code and other cool stuff. Xx

Almost there

Posted by christinejane on April 12, 2015 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (1)

Album update


Greetings from the land of rock(s)!


Thankyou for your patience as I put the final touches on the album and get ready to deliver your rewards to you. Yay!!! Rewards!!! Remember those things you ordered a year ago? They're coming to you soon!!! (Talk about the longest delivery time EVER! But my OH my will it be worth the wait...)


Mr Josh has been hard at work mixing the ten tracks you will soon be hearing and he has brought our lush arrangements to life with subtlety and style. We are now ready for the next step which is mastering (like mixing but with different knobs and buttons). This will ensure the tracks have a consistent sound across all mediums and are radio ready. When mastered, each instrument on each song will caress your ears no matter if it be played through your iPhone, your car stereo, or your finest stereo speakers.


I have been wandering mystical lands of late, with my trusty cinematographer Justin Causer Esq., capturing images to go along with some of the afore mentioned songs, and in good time we will be sharing these visions with you. Above is an iPhone image he took on one recent expedition. Below are some other tasty morsels I captured. The album cover design is in the works too, but more on that later.


So far this year I've seen a whole bunch of incredible artists touring Australia and been inspired to get back on the stage. It's been a while between drinks (thanks to the BUSIEST YEAR EVER last year) and I can't wait to do my thing and see you face to face. Let me know if there's a happening spot near you that needs some c i n e m a t i c   b l u e s ! (Seriously- where should I play? Drop me a line and give me your suggestions.) Of course there will be a proper launch event which you will be the first to know about, but I might wanna warm up a little first, ya know?


Until then, listen out for 'Make Believe' on ABC local radio around the country and if you haven't got it, go ahead and download it for free (or pay what you will at the check out) at Bandcamp.


With much love,

Christine Jane xo

Postcard from the Studio #2

Posted by christinejane on November 30, 2014 at 11:35 PM Comments comments (2)

This post is an amended version of my October newsletter.

Well, we made it through Winter. And now here arrives Spring to give us a ray of hope as the days grow a little longer, a little warmer.

Some say the best place to spend a cold dark Winter is in the studio. I did just that and I want to thankyou for making it possible.


The images below are by Leslie Liu who came to spend some time with us when we recorded strings. He has an incredible eye when it comes to capturing our most human moments, even with the challenges of a confined space.


When I say 'us' I refer to producer and engineer Josh Schuberth (Dustin Tebbutt, Josh Pyke, Lenka), violinist Lara Goodridge (FourPlay, Baby et Lulu, The Whitlams, Jimmy Little) and cellist Guy Curd (Missy Higgins, Gin Wigmore, Tim Finn, Ray Mann, The Sydney Chamber Orchestra). I was lucky to have Lara and Guy on the job as this was my first time writing/ recording my own string parts. I wish everyone could experience the same. The feeling is like nothing else. My spine was tingling and the little hairs on my arms were standing on end, listening to the noises from my head come to life. (OK maybe I cried.)

I'd like to extend a big hug to Jonathan McFeat, my fellow film composer who helped me with the arrangements into the wee hours leading up to the session.


 Click here for a video teaser.


For more images and stories like this, subscribe to my newsletter. You'll be the first to receive exclusive content that won't be flaunted on social media.

With love,

Christine Jane xo




A Postcard from the Studio

Posted by christinejane on August 8, 2014 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)

During Winter there is always the risk of getting cabin fever....but cabin fever ain't so bad when your cabin is a recording studio and the fever is brought on by sweltering songs.


We are deep down the rabbit hole folks, and making a record can be a journey in to the solar plexus of the heart, mind and soul. An expedition without a map. A riddle without conclusion. A mission that no amount of training can prepare for. A question...anyway it's like this.


Take a glimpse inside the creativum processus.....meander over to Instagram where I'm regularly posting images, both still and moving (and always from the heart). You can follow my drift if you have the app installed on your smart phone. But be careful not to ask the phone if it's smart as they do get easily offended.


As always, stay in touch with the newsiest news on Facebook or Twitter.


Christine Jane Xx

Ps- There's more to this update than meets the eye. Get the full version of events by subscribing to my newsletter. Just click on the 'subscribe' button above.


Posted by christinejane on May 15, 2014 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I release my first music video.

It's for a song called PLEASE from my debut EP.

You can watch it on Vimeo here or YouTube here.

You need Adobe Flash Player to view this content.

I hope you enjoy it.

My undying love and thanks to Justin Causer and Marcus Arruzza for giving their time generously to make it happen.

Christine Jane Xx

We did it!

Posted by christinejane on March 9, 2014 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (1)



We did it!

You and me!


We raised $10,000!


I can't say much more than THANKYOU so very much for assisting in making my dream a reality. It's the best feeling in the world, knowing I'm about to make my first album.


You might say this thankyou is a little overdue, but I've been busy making THIS VIDEO to do just that. Please take a moment and watch. I hope it brings a smile to your face as it did mine while making it (with my super shooter Justin Causer).


The Pozible campaign was an absolute roller coaster ride. I've never experience such a mixed bag of emotions in such a short space of time. From the exhilaration of getting started and declaring my intentions, to the vulnerability of putting myself out there like never before, the stress of adding up the sums, doubting myself and my abilities, becoming paranoid the target would not be met, to the total shock, surprise ad overwhelming sense of gratitude that it all came together in the end! It was, all-in-all, one of the best experiences of my life and one I learned so much from.


As I embark on the process of making this album, I will keep you updated via newsletters (please subscribe here), tweets, blogs, facebook posts, and instagram pics and videos. I'd love for you to stay part of the adventure by following me on any of the afore mentioned sites.

To have a listen to some of the radio interviews I gave during and after the campaign, head on over to my new PRESS PAGE. You can also read  articles there too.

Now to some special mentions. The following humans have pledged, supported, spruiked, pre-ordered, backed, and patted me on the back! So for that I am truly thankful. They are strangers from Queensland, musos from New York, supporters from Sydney, family and friends from far and wide. Here are only some of their names (the others wanted to be anonymous- how mysterious!):

Jordan Clarke Matthew Walker Gary Nicklin Julia Avenell Hernando Carringbar Haydn Walker Karli Raudzens David Fedirchuk Felia Erlang Timothy Wilde Will Harrison-Smith Brianna Peterson Phoebe Elizabeth David Nat Macgregor Nemo Cambridge Roger Wong Kirstie Raffan Martin Ruiz Simon 'SiFi' Fishburn James Bagley Nicola Bridle Mitchel Palmer Matthew Strong Will Roar Judd Overton Louise Alston Annie Wright Alan Jones David Crapp Grant Smith Jules Tush Valerie Etienne Natalie Pozdeev Elizabeth Kirkwood Elizabeth Warning Rowena Tuziak Keegan Thomson Rosie Thornz Jessica Redenbach Kathleen Caller Luke MacGregor Natalie Palomo Judith Cantor Sharon Jakovsky Christopher Mill Lauren Sinreich Brian Kirkwood Dan Graf Louise clarke Victoria Willett Danielle Wiessner Raf Nazario Robinson Vice Guy Vaughan-Smith Miki Ok Doug Nixon Peter Giles

My gratitude is endless.

Christine Jane Xx