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Almost there

Posted by christinejane on February 11, 2014 at 9:30 PM Comments comments (0)

If you've just joined me, I've been working full time since January on my first crowdfunding campaign, for my first full length album.

You can see the pitch video and learn about how it works over at Pozible. You'll also notice the countdown. There are 50 hours left until my campaign ends on Friday 14th February at 4.52pm AEDT. 

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you'll know I've left no stone unturned during this roller coaster ride and have had the time of my life doing so. There have been plenty of ups and downs but I would go back and do it all again to learn what I have. I'd like to share with you a recent Facebook post below that goes into that a little further but before I do, here are some links to interviews from my radio blitz last week: 2SER and Eastside Radio. (Click Wed 5th Feb on the Eastside drive website)

'I hesitated for a long time before considering launching a crowd-funding campaign. This might sound silly but I had alot of fear going into it.

It is a very scary thing putting what you love out there and asking people to support it. It is very scary promoting yourself, and having to do it over and over because there's no one else who'll do it for you. It's very scary asking for help. It's scary reminding yourself everyday that you are just one of thousands, millions of artists struggling to be able to do what you love. And that besides to your family and friends, to most people you're no-one. And you may never reach the starry heights you longed for growing up.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. To live a life where you have a CHOICE to make music, to have a roof over your head and a full belly is a pretty good life. :)

I have learned so much about the realities of what it is to be a musician, a performer, a singer, an entrepreneur, a business woman over the past 5 or 6 years. But what I have learned over the past 22 days as I've lived and breathed this campaign has had a deep impact.

It's not just about media, PR, email newsletters, clicks or likes. I've learned the true meaning of the word 'support' (I'll give you a hint: it has nothing to do with money), I have learned the true meaning of the word 'charity' (I'll give you a hint: it has nothing to do with money) and I have felt closer to the edge than I did when I decided to share my deeply personal music with the world for the first time.

I've learned that there's only so much one person can do, with no budget or team behind them. But I have discovered how far your spirit and your attitude can take you, and that miracles can happen

(This is just a random aside but I sometimes daydream that all CEOs, politicians, media outlet owners & community decision makers were forced to make an album before stepping into their roles...what a different society we would live in...just imagine this country with more support for the arts than for sport or shitty reality tv shows...)

Anyway I'm gonna let you get on with your day now.

Thankyou for going on this crazy ride with me, especially to those friends and loved ones (and one complete stranger) who have counseled me on the phone, given tips, guidance and heard all sorts of crazy ideas and irrational fears burst forth in the night. I can't tell you what it means to me.

And to you reading: I hope you stay with me no matter which way this thing goes.'

Here's to living on the edge!

Christine Jane xo


Posted by christinejane on January 20, 2014 at 7:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, this is it folks; I'm making my first album!

I'm very excited to have launched my Pozible campaign which means you can be directly involved.

Watch my video and find out more at

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions, don't hesitate to drop me a line via the 'contact' page and feel free to share the Pozible link with your family and friends via email or social media.

Let's rock!

Christine Jane xo

Merry Christmas!

Posted by christinejane on December 21, 2013 at 8:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Wow. What a year. 2013 has been massive for me and I write this on the brink of exhaustion. Yet with a smile on my face.

The picture above was taken at the Red Light Confidential Finale for 2013 at The Columbian Hotel. We began with a number that describes the year that was: Bang Bang! A big shoutout to Kelly Ann and the crew who run the wicked monthly night of mayhem. Long may it live. 

I've played gigs all over the place, released my new single 'Make Believe', came in the Top 5 Sydney bands for ABC's national competition EXHUMED, made some music for the screen, met my idol Neil Finn, travelled a bit, and now to top it all off I have just been accepted into The Australian Film Television & Radio School to study Screen Music. That can only mean one thing: 2014 is going to be MAAASSIVE!

I would like to thankyou for your love and support, for buying my music, coming to my gigs, telling your friends and generally wishing me well. I'd also like to take a minute to thank my band: Ling, Tim, James, Pat and Cam. I could not do it without you guys. You complete me. ;)

I'm going to spend my Summer recording new tunes, filming some videos, and planning my next release. Then if I can squeeze it in there'll be some relaxing with family and friends, beaches/booze/BBQs, and generally trying to recover from the epic year that was.

Drop me a line and let me know where you'd like us to play next year!

All the best to you and yours <3

Cj xxx

Happy Birthday to me!

Posted by christinejane on November 11, 2013 at 1:00 AM Comments comments (0)

I'd love to see you this Saturday at The Lansdowne to celebrate my birthday. What better present could I ask for to see your smiling face there as I headline in a room amongst friends.

Christine Jane Xx


Posted by christinejane on September 5, 2013 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (0)

If you've been living under a rock you have probably been fortunate enough to escape my incessant squealing and jumping up and down as the month of August went off like a frog in a sock.

James Valentine from ABC radio called to inform us we were in the Top 5 Sydney bands for the national EXHUMED competition spanning TV radio and online. We played a sold out show at The Basement on August 15 which was one of the most fun nights EVER! Check out a little video of the night here.


During August I also undertook a course at The Australian Film Television and Radio School for composing music for the screen. Yes it was awesome. Yes I want to do more of that.


Speaking of AFTRS, the students there have been big supporters of mine and I'd like to give them a big shout out. Check out the radio ad they made for Make Believe here: http://

There is much more news to come. If you want to get ALL the juicy details you'll have to subcribe to my newsletter by clicking 'subscribe' above.

Until then,

Christine Jane xo

Make Believe launch

Posted by christinejane on July 6, 2013 at 7:10 AM Comments comments (0)

A big thankyou to everyone who came along to FBi Social on Thursday night for the launch of my new single MAKE BELIEVE. We had a ball rocking the stage and seeing the room full of friends and music loverrrssss.

If you'd like to get your hands on a copy it's available to download at Bandcamp alongside my debut EP SINNERS COME & GO. You can pay what you like for it.

For those poor people unable to life their butts off the couch to see the glittering feats we conjured, check out the photos by Josh Groom here.

I hope to see you at the next night out on the town. Details to come.

Love Christine Jane xo



Posted by christinejane on June 4, 2013 at 1:10 AM Comments comments (0)


Exciting news today! My new single MAKE BELIEVE is released into the wild!


It's a nice little number recorded by students at The Australian Film Television and Radio School. Myself along with the amazing Damian De Boos-Smith on guitar and the legendary Eliot Fish on bass had alot of fun being part of the student's project as part of the Graduate Diploma of Radio. We were very impressed with the set up there.


Engineered and mixed by Dave Stein (Sony Records, DMG, ARN, SCA) and mastered by William Bowden aka King Willy (Gotye, Tim Finn) it is a  shiny new sound for me, dabbling in folk, jazz, blues, and even a little flamenco!


If you'd like to download the single for free, or name your price, you can get it here. You can also find it on iTunes, Amazon, Deezer, Spotify and a range of other online stores now.


I'm so proud of this song. I often get it stuck in my head for days, in the same way it came into being- all at once, all in a whirl. I love doing a more intense electric version of it live too, which is what we'll be doing on Thursday 27th June at FBi Social in Kings Cross Sydney.


If you'd like to come along to the launch, tickets can be found here. Get there for 8pm if you can as the bands I've put on for the night are outstanding.


You may have heard through Facebook or Twitter that I've recently completed filming my first music video. That's for the track 'Please' from my debut EP and it will be coming out in a few weeks time.


Well that's all my exciting news for the day. Oh one last thing before I go. I ask if you enjoy the song, would you be able to take a moment and share it with your friends? It would make my week. No, month. No, year!


Much love and gratitude for yours,

Christine Jane xo


Posted by christinejane on April 12, 2013 at 2:55 AM Comments comments (0)

I recorded some sounds on my iPhone last year around America and Cuba.

Here's a couple from Satchmo SummerFest in New Orleans:

At Last

When The Saints Go Marching In

Here's some thunder that happened above my head in Treme where I was staying.

Here's the storm that flowed on from that thunder.

One of my favourite bands from the trip was The Jack Cole Band. I saw them playing at the Balcony Music Club New Orleans. The day I go back I'm gonna be making a bee line for that place.

There was also a cool place in New Orleans called The Spotted Cat. They had something interesting in the bathroom.

I spent alot of hours on the road around the states. Here's a song I made up after seeing an interesting street name.

In Harlem NYC I got to see Roy Haynes do his thang and it sounded like this.

My friend Simon lives in Astoria NYC with some jazz cats. They were pretty cool.

And of course who can forget the dreamy days in Cuba if they are lucky enough to make the trip to paradise.....


Christine Jane Xx

The Latest and Greatest

Posted by christinejane on March 19, 2013 at 5:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Last year I recorded a sweet little session with students from The Australian Film Television and Radio School. One of the songs turned out real nice. It's called 'Make Believe' and I've decided to give it to you for free. We're just finishing off the mix (myself and the marvellous Dave Stein), then I'll get it mastered (off to King Willy I go again, this time to see him fresh from his Grammy adventure with Gotye) and it will be released into the wild!

Meanwhile I've been working on a little film clip of sorts with my trusty visual collaborator Justin Causer. We're making pictures to go with 'Please', a song from from my debut EP. Given the 'no-budget' nature of it we are fitting it in around other work and hope to get it on to your computer or device in a couple of months.

What else can I tell you? Hmm. I got an Elvis tattoo. And I met my hero, Mr Neil Finn. Pics below.

I'm locking in some gigs for mid year and as usual the most up to the minute news can be found on my Facebook page or Twitter account.You can also have a look at the photo albums there of gigs we did at the end of 2012.


Christine Jane xo

A night to remember. Christine Jane and Neil Finn backstage at Sydney Opera House after his final show with Paul Kelly. 18th March 2013.

Watch the magical concert from that night on YouTube" target="_blank">here.

Adventures in The Americas

Posted by christinejane on November 20, 2012 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

I recently spent the northern Summer road tripping across America and Cuba.

The trip was a musical pilgrimage, taking in as much live music and music history as I could in many amazing places.

I started off in LA where I spent an evening with Oliver from KC & The Sunshine band and his partner Tresa from The Hues Corporation, introduced to me by my good friend Steve Clisby (American Gyspy). Over dinner they regaled me with tales of the height of their respective fame and all the adventures that have lead them to where they are today. All whilst listening to my EP in the background (I had to pinch myself).  I have to say one thing that struck me was the simple life which they lead. This would be the beginning of a common thread throughout my journey. A theme that runs through the entire music world. What is music worth? And is it worth risking everything to make it your life?

Steve and I continued on, road tripping up the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway 1 making stops at Ventura, Santa Barbara, Big Sur and all the way up to San Fransicso. In San Fran I visited the infamous Haight District and learnt about 1967's Summer of Love. What an amazng time in history. And San Fran! Breathtakingly beautiful. (That goes for the geography and the people). See below for a snap of me in the Haight District standing next to one of the hand decorated flower beds paying hommage to fallen music stars that line the streets.


We then flew to New Orleans which I was very excited about. Especially seeing as I had been watching the HBO series 'Treme' (pronounced Trem-ay) in the lead up to the trip, and that was where we were staying. Treme is the USA's oldest black neighbourhood, and like much of New Orleans (or NOLA as it's known) has seen massive changes since Katrina. We paid a visit to The Musicians Village while in town and were encouraged to see a thriving neighbourhood (established when the Marsalis family facilitated Habitat for Humanity to purchase an un-used school block to build accommodation for musicians and their families in the wake of the hurricane). We saw so much amazing music in NOLA it broke my heart to leave.'Do you know what it miss New Orleans...?' :)

One day we visited an old cemetary and as I was walking through I had Louis Prima's 'Banana Split for my Baby' in my head. It had been bouncing around in there for a good 24hrs and I could not work out why. I have loved Louis Prima for years but didn't know where the song came from in that particular instance. It's not as if I'd heard him playing anywhere. All of a sudden I stopped in my tracks. There was Louis Prima's tomb right in front of me.  I remembered reading the inscription in a book somewhere years ago and I got shivers as stood before it. There his lyrics are emblazoned 'And when the end comes I know/ They'll say / Just a Gigolo/ Life goes on without me'. I had no idea Louis Prima was from Louisiana, let alone New Orleans, but I guess he wanted me to find out that day. Thanks for the music Louis.

Another great experience in NOLA was going to Satchmo Fest on Louis Armstrong's 11th birthday! The free, 3 day festival is held at the mint museum and features amazing local and international acts. I was excited to see Kermit Ruffins headline (he plays himself in Treme the series) and he did not disappoint! You can hear some of the concert in the sound scape series I'll be uploading to the interwebs shortly. I attended a couple of talks about Satchmo (Satchel- Mouth) and got to meet jazz historian Ricky Riccardi who has recently written a book on Louis' later years. More on that to come!

The thing I will remember most about NOLA is that music and musicians are so well respected there. Young and old stop frequently in the street to listen to and applaud buskers with smiles on their faces. Maybe even share a buck or two. Everyone has talent and there is room for all styles of music, from Cajun and Zydeco to Blues, Jazz and Brass Band. Speaking of brass bands while I was there I tracked down one of my favourites The Hot 8 Brass Band. You must look up their rendition of Sexual Healding if you haven't heard it. I found them playing one Sunday night at a small bar in the arts/warehouse district and danced my ass off as they played. I was so excited hearing them, and getting to have a drink and talk about our triumphs and tradgedies was really special. Big Al if you're reading I hope you guys can make it to Australia real soon. You know who to call.

New Orleans is without doubt a magical place. It will always hold a special place in my heart and I would love to return one day for an extended stay.


Louis Prima's tomb; and yours truly listening to cajun music in the famous Mulates restaurant in New Orleans.

White Linen Parade, Julia St, Arts/ Warehouse District, New Orleans

From New Orleans I embarked on another road trip up to Memphis and Nashville. Two of the biggest music hubs (past and present) in the country.

Anyone who knows me well knows that it was a life long dream to attend Elvis Week at Graceland. And that I did. Every year, thousands of fans endure the sweltering heat and humidity to celebrate Elvis' life, culminating in the candle light vigil on his anniversary. This year was his 35th and apparently bigger and better than ever. Although Mempis is a very poor depressed area it really came alive during Elvis week.

Beale St is the obvious place for tourists to go and bar hop from juke joint to juke joint. But it's the hidden gems that really make Memphis what it is. We got wind that Wanda Jackson was in town and one night ended up seeing her perform at the High-Tone Cafe. I couldn't believe my luck when my friends Melaine, Arnie and I got to see her in this small intimate setting. We were waiting for Elvis' ex girlfriend to hit the stage (drinking margeritas of course) when the door swung open and in walked a beautiful girl. 'I've got to talk to that girl.' I said, jabbing Melaine with my elbow. She had a shock of bright pink hair and was covered in tattoos. She wore a 50s specs and what she calls a 'romper' (aka vintage swimsuit) with red platform wedges. We made a beeline for her and the rest is history. We drank and danced the night away with Marla from Alabama and of course it turned out she was a tour guide at Sun Studios. Before we knew it we were getting a guided tour on Elvis' 35th Anniversary.

Big thanks to Marla for being so cool and showing us the REAL Memphis. While I'm writing here's a recommendation to check out a band called The Bluff City Backsliders that she introduced me to. Sweet stuff.

Elvis week is a shitload of tackarama sure. But every year it reunites artists, producers, writers, musos, managers and more who came together long ago to make their dreams come alive. More often than not they found themselves helping Elvis Aaron Presley's dream came alive but they didn't give up trying along the way. I was regalled by Mike Stoller, one half of the iconic song writing duo Lieber and Stoller, who wrote and produced Jailhouse Rock (the whole album inc Hounddog), King Creole, Spanish Harlem, Stand By Me and many more.  I was brought to tears by Wayne Jackson - one half of the Memphis Horns, who can barely walk yet has 89 #1 hits to his name. I laughed with some of the beautiful actresses who still had butterflies in their tummies and their eyes light up when talking about the good ol days.

And dont' even get me started on the fact that somehow I ended up buying a vintage black suede jacket, only to find it belonged to Bernard Lansky, personal tailor to The King, and ended up having it autographed by his son Hal on the day of the anniversary. The God of Rock was with us I can tell you that much.


On to Nashville we went to see what was cookin' in the stateside home of country music.

Yours truely outside Jack White's record store & recording studio.

Nashville is a sweet place, East Nashville especially. The main drag was really touristy and obviously very country. The Country Music Hall of Fame is awseome (Complete with new Taylor Swift wing. Thanks for donating that $4mil T-Swizzle!). I took a ride through the music factories and it was a little depressing. (They all run on the same 3hr block schedule so that session musos can clock on and off easily.) Although it did lead me to RCA Studio B where  Elvis went on (post Sun) to record 250 of his finest hits. It was also the room where Roy Orbison recorded 'Only The Lonely', Dolly Parton cut many of her duets with Porter Wagoner and of course The Everly Brothers laid down 'All I have to do is dream'. I sat down and played the piano along to a recording of Elvis in that very room.

From Nashville I flew to New York. I stayed with my Aussie chum and my former drummmer Simon Fishburn. He's doin it tough in the Big Apple to make his dreams come true. (Check out his rock band Soapbox Army if you find yourself in those parts.) Of course a trip to the big dirty smelly city wouldn't be complete without some sexy jazz. So I took myself off to a few jazz dens around the place. My favourite by far was Fat Cat in the West Village. To playing ping pong, pool and chess whilst listening to wailing live jazz I say HELL YEAH. Rockwood was good for rock/ alternative music too.

I thought I'd take Simon to see Satchmo's house in Queens given that I'd been to Satchmo Fest in NOLA and heard all about it there. When we turned up on the day we went in to the office only to be greeted by Ricky Riccardi (afore-mentioned jazz historian and Satchmo expert). When I quizzed Ricky asking what he was doing on the reception desk he said he had come over from the university archives to help out as the museum was short staffed that day. I couldn't believe our luck when this kind hearted gentleman offered to take us on a private tour of the house. It's a beautiful house filled with keepsakes and recordings which get played over a built in sound system. Simon and I were really moved by the experience.

Simon and I on the steps of Louis Armstrong's house in Queens

Of course I saw a Broadway show and did the usual sight-seeing in NYC, but there were a couple of highlights that blew my mind. I went up to Harlem one day to see infamous jazz drummer Roy Haynes do his thing, at the tender age of 87. He tapdanced in a gold suit as African Americans all round me cooed and called out. It was so much fun to be amidst such excitement. Then there was the night I went down to the Lower East Side for a free outdoor concert with Mammarazzi and The Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars. Oooowee we were shakin our groove thang that night! And what about The McKittrick Hotel's production of SLEEP NO MORE in Chelsea?!! OMG. No words.

A busker on The High Line in Chelsea, NYC

See you in


Cuba you took my breath away. With your beauty. Your sultry heat. Your cool splashing waves. Your heady mojitos. Your sexy energy. Your pulsating music. Your simple food. Your romance. Your mysteries. Your beautiful, intelligent, welcoming people. Your people who are yearning to explore the world, trapped in their gilded cages. 


Soundscapes to come.

Christine Jane xo